Create by with own hands 

SUTO Satoshi was a graphic designer in Tokyo. But he wanted to create whole piece by himself, and turned back to his hometown... 

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He created the lattice design by pressing implements such as pencil points, paintbrush ends, and needles into the soft surface of the wet clay. This big piece took him one week only for the decoration.

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You can see how his form is influenced by architecture or modern design. 

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Those pattern makes his work more interesting. It looks more soft, and also shiny.

SUTO Satoshi 須藤訓史

1976 Born in Ibaraki

2001 Studied with KIKUCHI Hiroshi

2004 Studied with ITO Motohiko

2008 Built kiln in Mashiko

2009 Received award from Japan Kogei 


2012 Received award at ITAMI International 

         Craft Competition
2013 Received award at Kikuchi Biennale
2014 Received award at International 

         Ceramic Festival, Mino