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He was saying like "I want to go to New York!!" to us...

Wish you getting better soon, Koie Sensei!

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KOIE Ryoji 鯉江良二

Selected Public Collections:

Kyung Sung University Museum, Pusan, Korea
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

1938 Born in Tokoname, Japan.
1962 Worked at Tokoname Ceramic Institute 

         (until 1966)
         Began working at the Tokoname Ceramics 

         Research Institute
1966 Became independent

1971 International Honorary Grand Prix at the 

         3rd Vallauris Exhibition, France
1989 Became Assistant Professor at 

         Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts
1992 Became Professor at 

          Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts
          Workshop and a lecture at the University 

         of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan

   Awarded The Japan Ceramic Society Prize
1994 Workshop and a lecture at Scripps University

         in Claremont, California
         Built his new studio in Ena
1998 Workshop at the University of Wisconsin, 

          La Crosse, Wisconsin

2000 Workshop at Northern Arizona University

2001 Workshop at Florida Keys Community 


         Workshop at Peter Callas’s Studio

        Received The Third Oribe Award

2004 Workshop ; The Naked Truth, Iowa

2007 Golden Award The Japan Ceramic Society

2010 Residency at The Leasch Pottery, UK

  Workshop at the Kyoto Institute of 


2011 Workshop at Kyoto Seika University

2012 Workshop at Amakusa, Saga

2013 Moved into Tokoname