The heir of Kyoto Ceramics

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“How to blossom the tradition I related into my work as a contemporary artist..."

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      The artist hopes that viewers read between the lines, shapes, and dots that playfully stretch across the surface as one would read a piece of literature or poetry, and therefore come to better understand his work and its connection to ma 

Ma encapsulates aspects of space, tempo, and rhythm... It is also important aspects of Rimpa aesthetics.

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MORINO Taimei 森野泰明

Selected Public Collections:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY

Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio

Spencer Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania

Saint Louis Art Museum, Michigan

Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama

New Orleans Museums of Art, Louisiana

Ariana Museum, Geneva, Switzerland

Vallauris Museum of Ceramics, Vallauris, France

Musee des Decoratifs, Paris

Aukland Museum, New Zealand

Museo Municipal de Manises, Manises, Spain

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Royal Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korea

1934 Born in Kyoto

1957 Award in Nitten Exhibition

1958 B.A., Ceramics, Kyoto University of Arts

1960 M.F.A., Ceramics, Kyoto University of Arts

1962-63 Instructor, University of Chicago, IL

1966-68 Instructor, University of Chicago, IL

1979 Joined International Academy of Ceramic

1983 Education Minister’s Prize, 

         Japan New Arts and Crafts Exhibition

1996 Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize Merits Prize

1999 Named a Person of Cultural Merits          

         by Kyoto Prefecture

2007 Japan Art Academy Prize

2010 Received the Japanese Ceramic          

         Society Gold Award