Brush-writing Micro Calligraphy

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Just imagine "The Hundred Poems" is written inside this 2 inches sake cup!

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The size is amazing, but you can also enjoy the beauty of character, Japanese poem, and Kutani color in one piece...

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This technique has been passed down four generation over a century, and now his daughter TAMURA Seito is devoting herself to develop this technique and her own style.

TAMURA Keisei 田村敬星

Public Collection: 

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, 

Nomi Kutani Ceramic Museam, 

Kanazawa Nakamura Memorial Museum

1949 Born in Kanazawa

1969 Studied micro caligraphy with his 

         grandfather, TAMURA Kinsei

2005 Designated as Ishikawa Prefecture-

         designated intangible cultural properties